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10 Million Aging Baby Boomers Heading Straight
One night, my mother wandered. I had no idea. I was sound asleep. When I woke up and found her, she was fully dressed. Her shoes were soaking wet. It....
An early diagnosis helps families plan for the
To help families with the assessment, the Alzheimer Society has also produced a new brochure titled Getting A Diagnosis: Finding Out If It Is....
"We thought it was just stress,
He wasn't remembering deadlines and appointments at work. He was also making a lot of mistakes. At home, he was totally exhausted. He would just tune....
"Going to the Alzheimer support group certainly
Yvonne and Laurie Schwartz have made use of their local Alzheimer Society. For ten months after Laurie's diagnosis, they tried to keep it hidden from....
People With Alzheimer's Disease and Related
"I want to do as much as I can before this thing cuts me off." "This thing" is Vascular Dementia, a form of dementia resulting....
Support Groups: A Lifeline for People in the
"It was like opening the door to a sunlit room," says a member of Phyllis Dyck's support group, recalling the first time she attended a....
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10 Million Aging Baby
An early diagnosis helps
"We thought it was just
"Going to the Alzheimer
People With Alzheimer's
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