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Burntwood Regional Health Authority

, Thompson Manitoba Canada  
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Name Burntwood Regional Health Authority
Address 867 Thompson Drive South
Town Thompson
State Manitoba
Country Canada
Post Code R8N 1Z4
Phone 204 677 5350
Fax 204 778 1424
Website YES
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For more details please email us at
About Burntwood Regional Health Authority

** Regional Health Authorities Responsibilities **
The Burntwood Regional Health Authority (BRHA) is responsible for the operation and administration of facility and community based health programs and services at a regional level within the Burntwood Region of Manitoba. The BRHA is responsible within the context of broad provincial policy direction, for assessing and prioritizing those services and programs based on evidence based needs and developing and managing an integrated approach to health care delivery. The Regional Health Authorities Act legislation came into force on April 1, 1997. It sets out the conditions under which the RHA's are incorporated, as well as defining duties and responsibilities of the Regional Health Authorities, for ensuring effective health planning and delivery.

** Vision **
Northern Health in Northern Hands
The BRHA is working toward a future where the health status of the Region is equal to, if not better than the rest of the province and where there are no health disparities among peoples. The mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health of individuals is supported by healthy families in healthy communities. Everyone is working together to create and maintain the best possible conditions for the best possible health outcomes. The BRHA is an employer of choice, providing a rich environment for growth and learning, research and best practice.

** Mission **
To work with individuals, families and communities to achieve their best possible health and wellness

Promote health, healthy choices, and healthy environments

Prevent illness and injury

Provide services for timely return to health.

** Values **
* Compassion
We are fully present for others. We listen and respond thoughtfully.

* Inclusiveness
We respect the richness of our diversity and treat each other fairly, equally and without bias. We recognize strength in holistic approaches and partnerships and honour participation and collaboration in all that we do.

* Honesty
We are open, transparent and truthful in all that we do. We say what we mean and act with integrity in all that we do.

* Trust
We instill confidence and believe in the wisdom of others. We earn others' trust by being truthful, by admitting our mistakes and by keeping confidences.

* Accountability
We take responsibility for our actions and commitments. We monitor measure and communicate openly. We manage resources effectively and efficiently.

* Respect
We recognize the value and uniqueness of individuals, families, communities and cultures through collaborative and honest relationships.

* Balance and Harmony
We recognize the uniqueness of each community within the region and respond with flexibility. We ensure resources are applied to achieve optimum health and wellness. We recognize the importance of clean air, land and water and the need to support, restore and protect the environment for the health benefits of all.

* Learning and Doing
We embrace forward thinking and give rise to new ideas. We display a willingness to learn and an attitude of flexibility and optimism. We learn from our mistakes and continuously improve.
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