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FAQ On Medicaltourism


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1 What Is Medical Tourism?
2 Why Procedures are cheaper at medical tourism destinations?
3 Is medical tourism cost effective?
4 Medical tourism is good for me?
5 Companion is necessary while medical tourism?
6 Where I can ask questions or meet someone having previous experience of medical tourism?

What Is Medical Tourism?

  The term medical tourism was hardly in existence ten years back. The phenomena of traveling to other countries for specialized medical treatment has started as a result of overburdened public healthcare systems and high cost of medical services in the developed nations. Patients in Britain, Canada and some other developed countries are waiting for the major surgery and sometime this waiting period is more than few months. So, patients from developed nations now look for inexpensive, high-quality foreign healthcare options.

Why Procedures are cheaper at medical tourism destinations?

  Cost is one the important factor in medical tourism, the low labor and low maintenance cost makes the medical tourism so cost effective. The big factors for cost effectiveness is Doctors in the developed countries are required to pay medical malpractice insurance that usually cost over $100,000 annually. Foreign doctors are required to pay medical malpractice insurance as well, but their costs are as low as $4000 annually. In addition to this insurance, certain economies are at different stages of development than the developed countries. But it is not at the cost of quality of care provided and hospitality. Big medical bodies in these medical tourism countries are well equipped with most modern state-of-art technology. These medical bodies also have highly qualified experts, and well-experienced team of doctors strengthening the industry.

Is medical tourism cost effective?

  Off course it is! It is not only cost effective but have high quality and immediate. In USA, millions of people are without health insurance and major part of them are without dental coverage; because of the high cost of medical services, these people can’t afford the treatment in their home country at their own expenses. But, in developing countries like India, South Africa, etc., cost of the same treatment is around one tenth of that in the developed nations and waiting time is near to nil with high quality medical facilities and professionals.

Medical tourism is good for me?

  Medical tourism is good or not is very person to person depends on the procedure he needs to get done. It is understood that emergency procedures are not come under medical tourism like if some one had heart attack then he never think for medical tourism. But if some one knows that he needs to do kidney replacement so he can plan for that. In sort medical tourism is always good for planed treatment not for urgent. But going for any medical procedure out of your country do discusses it with your family doctor first.

Companion is necessary while medical tourism?

  No it is not, but your medical tour is more enjoyable and stress free with companion. Though it adds some additional cost to your budget but still it is worth. If you are going for any major medical procedure then having a trusted family member or friend to handle the paperwork, liaison between you and hospital staff, it help to remove some of the potential stress inherent both in travel and healthcare.

Where I can ask questions or meet someone having previous experience of medical tourism?

  It is really a difficult, to find some one to meet but you can check different forums online and contact the agency providing or arranging the tour for you. These agencies can also provide some testimonials of previous patients. Hospitals website also display such testimonials. Do remember to check the reliability of the agency first. Or you can ask to known doctor, Insurance person, or friends if they know some one and can arrange meeting for you.

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