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  News - Sagar Hospital, Bangalore Karnataka India
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Bowring & Lady Curzon Hospital
Painless Vaginal Hysterectomy
Date : - 08/12/2007
Painless Vaginal Hysterectomy under local anesthesia using a surgical technique called Erbe Biclamp was performed by Dr Wolfgang Zubke, Prof in Gynecology, University of Tubigen Germany and a team of gynecologists from Sagar Apollo Hospital headed by Dr. Leela Bhagawan.
Dr Wolfgang has already performed 300 such surgeries , but this is the first such surgery in India

According to him This kind of vaginal hysterectomy is minimally invasive , less painful, almost bloodless, causes less pain compared to other types os hysterectomy and is definitely cost effective.

Using the ERBE biclamp technique the patient will feel no diffecrence in her sexual life post operation. And it can be done administering a local anesthesia. The patient can recover faster compared to other surgeries. Adds Dr Leela Bhagawan.

A vaginal hysterectomy is s surgical procedure whereby the uterus (womb) is removed. Hyst is the most common non-obstetrical procedure in women.

During vaginal hysterectomy the uterus is removed thru the vagina.

The most common reason why hysterectomy is performed is for uterine fibroids, abnormal uterine bleeding, endometriosis and uterine propalpse. Some hysterectomies are performed for cancer. This procedure is the foundation of the treatment of cancer.
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