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Bourn Hall Clinic

, Cambridge Cambridgeshire UK  
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Name Bourn Hall Clinic
Address Bourn
Town Cambridge
State Cambridgeshire
Country UK
Post Code CB23 2TN
Phone 44 01954 719111
Fax 44 01954 718826
Website YES
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For more details please email us at
About Bourn Hall Clinic

Bourn Hall Clinic was founded by the pioneers of IVF, Mr Patrick Steptoe and Professor Robert Edwards, who shared a dream to help couples with difficulties conceiving have a family of their own.

Many of the current staff at Bourn Hall today worked with Steptoe and Edwards in the early days, including two of the senior management team. They sincerely believe that being part of the team that cared enough to be first means they have a deeply felt duty of care to ensure that you receive the honesty, passion and expert teamwork that you deserve by doing their utmost to help make your dreams of a successful outcome come true.
History Of Bourn Hall Clinic

** Our History **
Two years after achieving the first birth through IVF in 1978, with the longed for arrival of Louise Brown, Mr Patrick Steptoe and Professor Robert Edwards achieved another first a new clinic that made IVF treatment available to couples with difficulties conceiving. The result has been many children who otherwise would never have been born - and the birth of a whole new area of medicine undertaken here at Bourn Hall Clinic over the last three decades.

What drove Steptoe and Edwards was life - both the lives of the patients themselves, and the possibility of making their dream of a family a reality. Bourn Hall was conceived as a calm, supportive environment where patients receive the best possible treatment and care.

That blend of a comfortable, supportive culture, combined with technical excellence is still very much at the heart of our vision today.

The current management team, who have each worked at Bourn Hall for over 10 years, were successful in leading the Company to independence from its former parent pharmaceutical company ownership at the end of 2005. Mike, Simon, Dawn, Lisa and Nicola are passionate about this field of medicine and moving it forward. Our heart felt commitment is to continuing the founding vision of Bourn Hall; "pioneers in treatment, experts in care".
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