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  News - Lilavati Hospital & Research Center, Mumbai Maharashtra India
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Abbu Tayshete Momorial Hospital
DermoCosmetology Clinic - Laser Centre
Date : - 12/01/2008
Dermo-cosmetology centre is one of its kinds where dermatology and cosmetology have been amalgamated in a hospital setup. Dermo-Cosmetology center at the Lilavati Hospital has Senior Consultants, Fulltime junior consultants along with Aestheticians, nursing aide and PRO (public relation officer)
A wide range of dermo-cosmetology procedures is carried out at the center. Apart from routine dermatology consultations, the center has a state of art Medlite C6 Laser with nano-second technology from Hoya-ConBio, USA. Other equipment includes Cool-glide excel long pulsed Nd Yag laser for hair reduction (Cutera), Daavlin photo-therapy unit from USA, Reviderm Microdermabrasion, Radio frequency unit, Carbon-dioxide laser and Conmed hyfrecator. Cosmetology procedures such as glycolic peeling using neostrata products, Botox, Fillers such as Perlane, Restylane, Aquamid, Esthelis are also available
A safe and useful tool for laser toning and rejuvenation to make you look refreshed. It evens skin tone, decreases pore size, reduces scars and gives a smoother skin texture. All this can be done easily without anaesthesia and without any discomfort. You will experience progressive improvement over several months for a fresh, natural look. This can be combined with other procedures like radio frequency, Botox, Glycolic peeling and Fillers if required
Different colored tattoos can be removed with this multi-wave length laser without the risk of scaring. Rapid absorption of light energy from the laser beam by the tattoo ink causes it to break into very tiny particles which is then carried away by the scavenger cells. Medlite laser removes tattoo whilst leaving the surrounding skin unharmed .Only cream anesthesia is required.
Pigmented lesions like nevi (moles), age spots, liver spots, freckles, Birth marks (café-au-lait spots, nevus of ota, Beckerís nevus, Giant melanocytic nevus) can be easily treated without risk of scarring or causing depigmentation. After few treatments skin returns to almost normal colour
Vascular lesions like Port wine stains (PWS), haemangiomas, and telangiectasia can be treated using either medlite C6 laser or Cool glide excel (cutera) or both together in combination to achieve excellent results
Cutera (cool glide excel laser)
Cutera is a safe efficient laser for hair reduction. Within few sittings hair can be reduced. There is no laser, which can permanently remove 100% of unwanted hair; hence we should think of hair management where by hair can be reduced by laser. We also have medlite C6 laser to treat fine hair after you have been treated with cutera for hair reduction. Both coarse and fine hair can be treated safely without the risk of post inflammatory hyper pigmentation (PIH)
Daavlin phototherapy unit consists of both UVA (ultraviolet) and UVB system .We can use either one of them or both in combination. It is useful for treating cases of Psoriasis, Vitiligo, atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, uraemic pruritus, pruritus due to cholestatic jaundice and few more conditions
Warts, Skin tags, Xanthelesma, DPN, corns, seborrheic keratoses, small basal cell epitheliomas, actinic keratoses, sebaceous hyperplasia etc can be easily treated using carbon dioxide laser, conmed hyfercator, radio frequency machine or cryosurgical unit
Using Radio frequency machine collagen is heated which in turn helps to reform collagen bundles leading to tightening of the collagen this results in firmer skin and gives a youthful appearance to the person. Derma lift can be combined with toning
Multiple different forms of therapies can be suitably tailored for you to help you to attain a fresh, youthful, vibrant appearance
The following specialised cosmetic surgical procedures are done
This is the commonest cosmetic surgery operation performed. With this procedure, a big nose can be made smaller, a small nose can be increased in size, a flat nose can be raised in height and any change in shape and size can be carried out
A. Small to Large
This operation is called Augmentation Mammaplasty. In this operation, small breasts are made bigger with the help of an implant. This is a very safe and highly satisfactory operation
B. Large to small:
Known as Reduction Mammaplasty, large breasts are made smaller. This gives a pleasing appearance and lot of relief from severe back pain.
C. Breast lifting:
Beautiful women, with large breasts who have had children and have nursed them, loose the shape. The breasts sag, causes a lot of unhappiness and mental agony to the patient. They need not worry. The breasts can be restored to a natural shape, lifting up the sag. This is a very highly desired procedure.
This is a procedure by which, with the help of a stainless steel pipe, the excess fat is sucked out giving a highly satisfactory result. Fat can be sucked out from thighs, buttocks, love handles, abdomen, chest and face - almost any part of the body. It is a very safe procedure
This procedure gives excellent results in women who have had children. In this procedure, excess fat is cut away with loose skin. Loose abdominal muscles are also tightened. It is one of the most satisfying operations in females
This surgery, known as Blepharoplasty, is a very popular surgery amongst patients who want to retain a youthful appearance around their eyes. All four or only 2 eyelids can be improved
Most persons who wish to retain a healthy, youthful, facial appearance will be happy with a face lift. In this procedure, with the help of clever placing of the scars, excess skin is removed, giving a rested appearance
Some males, during puberty, develop breasts, which are very embarrassing. These can be successfully treated
Small chin can be very distressful. This can be given a natural shape
This, very distressing condition for men, can be successfully corrected by hair transplant.
Being cosmetic surgeons, we are very well trained and eminently suited to render this treatment.
This information is provided as guidelines. For your personal problems, nothing can replace a personal consultation
For any further details or to take an appointment, kindly contact at the following between 9AM to 7 PM on all working days.
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